Store Policy

Customer Care

Our products are made with quality base ingredients (sourced from reputable suppliers with a pricetag in accordance).


All our products are all made by hand, and the process from A to Z for each item takes about 48 hours. They are made with much love (our secret ingredient) and as we believe that no one is perfect, they are all unique (like you!). 


We like to mix it up with different shapes but want to remain fair, so they all have the same weight and equal mix of quality goodness.


As we want to ensure that the products you receive is as fresh as possible, we only produce in small batches. This enable our customers to enjoy them for about 6 months.

Privacy & Safety

We only use your private information for order management and delivery. We do not sell any type of information to third parties. 

Wholesale Inquiries

For more specific information, contact us at


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards